Welcome to DSLRwarehouse.com

Let me start by introducing myself.  My name is John Kallal and I am a novice photographer.  I’ve been teaching myself the art of photography over 4 years now and ever single time I shoot I learn something new.  Everything new that I learn I will share with you.  Photography is my passion, and by me sharing my recommendations and tip’s with you, will be my happiness passing on to the next explorer. My inbox is always open and your comments and critiques are highly recommended.

First things first.  What kind of Camera do I use and why?

I shoot with Canon.  I have taught myself with a Canon 50d before saving enough funds to afford a Canon 6d full frame body.  Not that I don’t like Nikon or any other brands, it is just my preference.

The reason I choose this Camera body was because I did a lot of research comparing the benefits of full frame over crop sensor and when crop sensor is needed.  It was affordable for the time with the body starting just around the $1599 price point.  Don’t think for a second that just because the newest Canon 6d Mark II is available for purchase, that the 6d Mark I is inferior to others.  See the link below for the Canon 6d Mark I special new prices at only $1166.59!!!

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