5 Cyber Monday Camera Package Deals

Black Friday was just a day ago, now the real time to save some money is on Cyber Monday! Here are 5 Camera Kits that will save you money this Holiday Season.  (To see more specs, just click the item image to see more).

Nikon D3500 2 Lens Kit

This kit is great for a student or someone learning photography as a new hobby.  It is on special this weekend until Monday with a saving of over $100 dollars.  Not only do you get the 2 lens kit, which covers 18mm wide all the way to 250mm, but you get a travel case, a memory card and much more.  Our number one choice this Holiday for the best bang for buck package deal. $449.99


Sony A6000 Bundle

We’ve discussed this camera in previous articles on DSLR Warehouse.  If you have read those reviews we are very critical of the A6000 series.  For the consumer looking to learn and have a small light weight travel camera, we suggest these all day!  Great bang for your buck and awesome for bloggers and vloggers.  Save over $100 these Holidays by clicking the link below.   $529.00


Canon 5D Mark IV

This camera is for the person who is serious about photography.  It is a pro-level full frame sensor and the latest series to the 5D collection by Canon.  Great color spectrum, great for any kind of photography including portraits, sports, real estate and more.  Now has built in wifi, touch screen, and more megapixels.  Originally $3199 for the body only, marked down $400 this weekend.  Get yours while you can!  $2799


Tamron 18-400mm Telephoto Lens

This lens is designed only for crop sensor cameras although it can be used on FX Nikon. Nikon allows you to change the ratio in camera unlike Canon or Sony.  You will however still experience some vignetting on a Full Frame Camera.  This Lens is a great deal because it allows you to get a better quality build while throwing away your standard kit lens.  If you take into consideration the crop factor, this is really a 27-600mm Lens.  Suggest you gets yours on sale now before the sell out!!! $50 dollars off!!! Only $599


Nikon D500 Specials!

We had to throw this in the specials because its a great deal for a sports or nature camera.  This shoots over 10 frames per second, is crop sensor, and has a great feel.  I love shooting with the high resolution pro level camera for all birding trips or local sport events.  Over $400 in savings this week!  Only $1799 on Amazon.


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Happy Thanksgiving from DSLR Warehouse

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Here is a sneak peek of our choice for best “bang for buck” Holiday Camera Bundle:

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close up of camera
Photo by Math on Pexels.com


Portrait Photoshoot with Sony A6000 Review

I really wanted to down size my equipment to be more suitable for traveling and I wanted something that would be good enough for both landscape and portrait photography.  I thought by getting a 24 megapixel Sony with an e mount lens, I would be able to get decent high resolution photos.  I was wrong.

My normal set up is a Canon 5d Mark III with an 85mm lens.  Yes I understand I am comparing apples to oranges but my biggest complaint about the Canon gear is that it’s so large and bulky.  When I go hiking or travel for a shoot, I usually take about 30-40 pounds of equipment.  Its ridiculous.  With this Sony A6000, I had 4 e mount lens, the camera, and 3 memory cards and I was still under 5 pounds.

Now, one complaint I had when using the Sony A6000 when taking portraits was how small it was.  With out a battery grip, my pinky finger would hang off the side of the body, and when shooting vertically, it felt like it was going to fly away in the wind.

Shooting with a professional model doesn’t make you feel confident either when shooting with an entry level camera.  Good thing she was awesome and we were shooting for fun because I let her know I was testing the camera for this purpose.

Below are three images.  Each with an excerpt of my opinions of the photo quality when I shot with Joelle.  Below those three will be photos I did for a clothing brand up in Grand Rapids with my 5D Mark III.


The photo above (@joelle.raquel) is straight out of Camera Raw.  She did a great job in cold weather and we did get some great photos together.  The nice thing about the Sony was that it does have facial detect and would lock the AF on her face.  But the thing is, the was a 1.8 Lens I was shooting with.  I figured I could have the ISO slightly up to compensate for the shutter speed being set a 1/500th.  I typically do this to make sure there is no blur in the image with my 5D mark III and 85mm lens.

Screen Shot 2018-11-06 at 12.36.10 PM

This is the quality of the photo on the edge.  By seeing this, it may just be the lens producing the poor quality.  There looks to be extra grain (possibly from the smaller sensor) and its also leaving aberration.  It’s not sharp and has too much noise.

Screen Shot 2018-11-06 at 12.36.35 PM

The center of the image is a lot more sharp and produces less fringe.  But with the amount of noise from the ISO at 500, it is enough to make the features on the face and hair below my standards.  I think I may use a metabones adapter in the future with a Canon lens to test the quality again.

Here are two photos taken with my Canon 5d Mark III features Model (@breighannamarie).  Notice the difference?


Screen Shot 2018-11-11 at 3.36.44 PM

Would you agree that this is a night and day difference?  I would.  If you’ve got any input, please comment below and share with your friends.  Photographers and Models alike.

Thank you again for reading and thank you for supporting DSLR Warehouse along with me, Rawfoto.  I enjoy writing this excerpts for you and hope you take something away from them.  Coming soon, Top 5, How-to’s, and more.

Special thank you to both models for allowing me to shoot with them for these demonstrations.  If you want to see more, visit my personal website:


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What to wear when shooting landscapes in the Cold

This sound like it should be explanatory but for some, they may need guidance.  Not everyone has shot in the cold before and there are some cool little gadgets photographers can use to stay warm while being able to function a camera properly.

#1 – Gloves, Gloves, Gloves!!!

Not all gloves are created equal.  You can search Amazon or Camera websites for days and find photography gloves between $8 and $50.  This is a case where you do get what you pay for.  Your limbs and fingers are the first things that get cold and are exposed to frost bite.  I would highly recommend a pair of gloves that are waterproof, windproof, and made with good insulation.  Any snowboarding glove will do but they make special ones for photographers that have finger tips that allow you to use your touch screen and they also have ones that have flip back finger sleeves.  Pretty neat right!

Here is an example of some lightweight insulated gloves below.  Follow the link HERE to see where I buy my Water Proof Photography Gloves.


#2 – High Quality Ski Mask

This last week I spent two nights in Michigans upper peninsula.  It was cold, 28 degrees to be exact, and that isn’t even as cold as it gets.  One major thing people forget when traveling around cold climates is that there is usually a body of water somewhere near by.  If there is a breeze, this creates a wind chill.  It can usually make the temperature feel 10-20 degrees colder.  In Michigan, they experience the “Lake Effect” quite often.  I personally use an old snow boarding bandana with a velcro release in the back but a full ski mask is much easier for most people.  Here are both examples below.

Half Mask Snowboarding Style Bandana


Full Face Mask Ski Mask Cold Weather


#3.  Protect your Feet!

Here are two more self explanatory items everyone should have when it’s cold, icy, and wet.  I would highly suggest a nice pair of cold weather socks.  I have seen sets of 4 for only $9.99 at Cabela’s and Bass Pro shop that are very soft and comfortable.  The other I would suggest, to prevent you from falling, would be Yaktrax.  These are a must need if you don’t have the correct shoes.  This will help prevent slippage and falling on hard ice and surfaces.  Very reasonably priced, and you can get them at Costco if you don’t want to get them here. Click the photo below to find out more today!

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Capture a Successful Collection of Photographs with these 3 Tips — Digital Photography School

In a previous article, I discussed some helpful tips for preparing for a photo shoot. It’s important to be ready, but let’s be clear – you have to be able to perform on the day. 1,124 more words

via Capture a Successful Collection of Photographs with these 3 Tips — Digital Photography School

5 Tips to Make Side Money as a Photographer

Are you struggling to make it as a freelance photographer?  The market is very tough with the rapid advance of technology.  It feels that almost any one can edit photos or take great pictures. So in order to survive, here are 5 quick tips on how you can make side money while growing your name as photographer.

Fiverr Gigs – Click here to get started Today!


I love Fiverr!  If you are a creative person with a talent, you can make some decent side money from this site.  Fiverr takes 20% commission which is very small.  If you do a Photoshop gig that takes you 2 hours to complete for $100 dollars, you will get $80.  That is $40 dollars an hour!  This can turn into a full time job that will allow you to travel or work from your laptop any where at any time.  Some of the most common Fiverr gigs I’ve seen are: Logo Creators, Intro Videos, Website Design, Journal & Blog Entries, Social Media Marketing, Ecommerce Set up & Marketing, and so many more.  Start earning today by clicking the link above or here!

Website Blogger – Find your Niche Today!


If you enjoy reading or writing, this is a great way to keep your mind working.   If you enjoy this blog and think you can do it, then you can sign up with websites like WordPress today!  They even have a free version that will allow you to start building an audience today.  Keep in mind your blog will look very basic and you will be limited in your theme creation but WordPress is one of the best formats on the Internet.  That’s right, all of the Internet!  Because remember, CONTENT IS KEY!  This can lead into featured guest post and other creative writing jobs.  Once you have an established site, you can start earning income through advertisement on WordPress.  Add Amazon Affiliate program to the formula and you can earn between $500-$20,000 per month.

Amazon Affiliate Program & Marketing – Check out my Storefront Here!


People say that the Amazon Affiliate program is dead!  It really is not.  Specially if you are blogging or run your own website.  One thing I love to do with the affiliate program is share my code with my family members and have them purchase their items through my account.  It doesn’t save them much money but if they have prime, they usually get the item fast and they help a family member out by sharing my code with their friends and family.  Because this a photography blog, you can visit my store here!  The link shows you what is in my camera bag along with some props that I use when I am on photo shoots.  Start making friends and share your experiences with them on social media today!

Sell your artwork! – Example of my Wix Site Here


Selling your work in person is tough as it is.  You have to have money to make prints, then you have to spend even more on the framing.  Even framing the photo is an art of its own.  I am not saying you shouldn’t have your physical work ready to go for a gallery or art walk, but save yourself some money by having a website make your prints and directly ship them to customers around the world.  I love using my WIX site for my personal website because they offer throw pillows, posters, cell phone cases, coffee mugs, tote bags and more.  With my art work on them.  Visit my gallery today  HERE

Stock Photography – Start Your Stock Photo Journey Here!!!


Stock photography is easy!  If you are always shooting you should always be posting.  Post here instead of Instagram if you can.  They have apps now that make stock photography easier than ever.  As long as you have decent quality, which most iPhone’s and androids do, you can start earning money today!  There are many stock photography site and you get paid for the amount of downloads your photos receive.  You can check out my gallery with Shutter Stock here.  You will not make tons of money right away and quality is key.  Each download ranges from 10 cents to hundreds of dollars depending on the license that gets downloaded for your image.  Again, this takes a while to build but you can achieve 6 figures with this alone if you are on your game.  Create passive income today so you can focus on shooting full time. I would suggest Shutterstock, Getty Images, and Istock Photo.

Thank you for taking the time to read this article.  I hope it helps with your photography journey.  Each of our stories are unique and I hope to hear your experiences by commenting below or on our Instagram account.  Please make sure to like, follow, and share with your friends.